3 Essential Elements to be a Successful Online Writer

Do you want to make a career as a freelance online writer?

Have you ever tried to find out what it takes to be a part of this highly rewarding world of online writing?

Here’s an opportunity for you to receive the answers that have the power to sky rocket your career as an online writer, in case you plan to be one … And trust me you’ll be surprised to know that to be a successful online writer you need to fulfill these 3 essential elements that are quite basic.

I talk about them in today’s episode of SV TV.

If you want to know what those 3 essential elements of being an online writer are & what they imply about you, watch this.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.
1) First, do you give yourself a tick mark on all the three essential elements of being an online writer?
2) Next, are you ready to implement point number 2? (Did you miss point#2? Watch the episode again to brush up).
Leave your response in the comments below.

“Sandhya, I’m Uncomfortable Writing My Response In the Comments Below! What if others make fun of me or my writing or my thoughts? Arrgh! I’m nervous!”

Is that what you’re thinking?

My response to that, “dump those thoughts”.
If you want to make it as an online writer, and be authentic to yourself in life, you’ve gotta be ready to put yourself out there with all honesty. The more open you are, better it will be for me to help you. And by the way, folks who interact with me are supportive, helpful, cool, encouraging, optimistic people. So, don’t worry about being judged and all that jazz.
Toss your hesitation outta that window and hop over to the comments section, shall we? Leave me your question (or comment) below.

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Thank you so much for watching and joining the discussion in the comments.

Love + gratitude,


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