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Dear Wonderful Writer!

If you ever find yourself hassled while going on a “writing trip”, then today’s video is for you! In this episode, I help you with 3 ‘Must-Do’ Things Before You Plan To Travel & Write. (I also share bonus “Tips for Your Trips” later in this post)

Although they are VERY Simple, Basic and Fundamental, we all need reminders from time to time. While I don’t claim to share all the elements of planning a perfect “Travel & Writing” trip…

There are 3 distinct, yet simple ‘Must-Do’ Things, that can help you be at ease and in control during your travel. These 3 things will help you be more productive and stress-free. And that in turn will help you have a quality trip, soak up the beauty of wherever you travel and be “in the moment”.

If you are curious to know those  3 fundamental ‘Must-Do’ Things Before You Plan To Travel & Write, then go ahead and watch this video.

Okay so as promised in the video, here’s How You Can Get Maximum Work Done + Have More Fun When You Travel…

Tips for Your Trips

Finding smart ways to get your writing done while enjoying the process is important, if you want to avoid feeling overwhelmed. So here are 2 BIG ways to help you get maximum writing done, save time and earn more while you travel:

1) Research Smartly!

This one is a biggie. And for me this always comes in handy before I plan a trip. When you’re conducting research, you must research not one but a number of stories at once. Why? Because it helps increase your productivity.

How? Let me explain with a personal example:

Before I planned a long trip to Goa last year, I gathered info for 15 stories for Goa and 7 stories for Pune.

How many days did this take? Not days! Just hours. Only 16 hours on one, single day. I researched pretty much non-stop with some very short breaks. I scanned through my travel books, browsed through the web & called my travel-loving friends. And at the end of my research (online + books + phone), I came up with 22 ideas.

Of course if you want to take longer breaks and do it over a couple of days, go forth.

To use this tip for your trip, do all the research for all your stories simultaneously. It will help you save time not just before the trip but during the trip as well. Doing all the research for all your stories at the same time also helps you with a clear road map about your writing plan. And this definitely helps in ensuring you enjoy your time while working.

2) Repurpose Your Content

Many writers write only one article on a specific topic and don’t even think of repurposing it. This applies to not just travel writing but writing in general. Here are some ways you can maximize your gain, time and productivity from one article:

  • Do a video about it. Shoot some exclusive, exotic clips while you’re there. Post the video not just on YouTube and Facebook but the other social platforms relevant to your niche.
  • Next, you could create a powerpoint for a whole new audience on Slideshare
  • You could pitch several guest blogs about it.
  • Take the most important points from the article and convert it into a pdf. Offer the pdf as a free gift to newer audience.
  • Write about the same topic from a different angle – every time showcasing a different dimension of it.
  • Quote yourself from that post on Social Media
  • Record a webinar about the topic and offer it as a free gift
  • Convert your article into an infographic
  • Convert the article into an e-course

And the possibilities are endless. There are so many other ways you can employ to maximize your gain, time and productivity from one article.

And now back to the video. Once you watch the video, I’d love to hear from you. There are many other things that you could take care of before you plan to travel. Share with me the 3 “Must-Do” Things from your tool kit. I’d love to know the 3 things you focus on before you plan your writer’s trip that make a significant difference in the quality of experience you have during the trip.

Leave a comment or email me to let me know.

Alright, so that’s it from me for now. Until the next episode, please… take very good care of yourself! You’re special. And you were born for a special reason. To share your greatness and uniqueness with the world.

I wish you a remarkable, successful and fulfilling 2016 🙂

–  Sandhya

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