3 Success Tips for Smart People ONLY (NOT for Everyone)

Marc Brajak and Sandhya Valecha
If you choose to read on, it implies you want to start living to your fullest potential. If any part of you is looking for ways to succeed in life and explore ways to live to your fullest potential…
Today’s interview with Marc Brajak is an absolute must-watch!
Marc Brajak is a Personal Development Coach & Author who’s been helping students, writers and young entrepreneurs achieve more success and overcome crippling problems – by sharing his success tips, techniques, strategies and more.
Instead of just preaching, Marc first tests each of the techniques and strategies on himself before sharing them with his students. In short, Marc’s success tips are tried, tested & proven… and they work.
Marc has been through hell, been at the bottom of the barrel and experienced agony, pain, trauma, darkness and depression. When I say “hell”, I really mean it. In his own words, his girlfriend “had run off to be with who I was beginning to consider my best friend at the time. He was also the first person I went to for comfort when she had ended the relationship with me.”)
How he overcame all the setbacks is a story of his triumph. He used several strategies and steps to bring him back to living a great life again.
And today, he will share with you 3 of the most important success tips that he teaches his Personal Development students, writers and young entrepreneurs.

Here are just some of the golden nuggets you’re about to uncover in this video:

  • The “F” word that keeps Marc going. How to focus on what happens below the surface and see your success.
  • What inspired Marc to get started as a Personal Development Coach? What was that “moment of inspiration“?
  • A mundane, routine google search transpired BIG ACTION in Marc’s life. What’s that ONE thing Marc stumbled upon that changed his life forever? And this video could change your life too (and inspire you to start living to your fullest potential).
  • How Steve Jobs inspired Marc (and he can inspire you too).
  • The big secret to let abundance in your life multiply.

We are all connected!

Oh and what Marc & I said about Hal Elrod’s book will give you goosebumps and make you realize how connected we all are in this universe. On that note of “connectedness”, I’m sending you loads of best wishes.

Don’t miss this part!

What Marc says towards the end gave me chills from across the continent. Every time I hear that part, I still feel the chills. I’m sure Marc’s message will touch your soul too.
Now, Marc and I would love to hear from you. What’s that one success tip that resonated with you, and why?
Leave a comment below and let us know. Thank you so much for watching.
And if you’d like to help your friends and colleagues with the rich and insightful tips from Marc, feel free to share and spread the love, knowledge and kindness.
P.S. To buy Marc’s book, Breaking Through! click here: http://www.marcbrajak.com/breaking-through.html
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