4 Types of High-Paying Articles You Should Write

As I intensify my dedication to discovering & understanding the best goldmines for writers, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are just a few types of high-paying articles that you should write for the trade journals.

Today, I will focus on 4 such high paying trade journal articles. If you understand and start writing these 4 types of high-paying articles, you’ll start making way more money than any of your writer-friends. And you just might buy yourself the gifts you’ve been postponing – thanks to the high pay you will receive by writing these articles.

So if you want to Make More Money WRITING, watch today’s video wherein I talk about the 4 Types of High-Paying Articles You Should Write for the Trade Journals.

– In addition to the 4 Types of High-Paying Trade Magazine Articles, I talk about the Quintessential “PSR” Structure of writing in this video.

– Besides these 4 types of articles, I want to share 3 more types of writeups with action-takers who email me. There’s no charge for this email consultation. It’s Free! To know more, watch the video till the end. And then, email me.

By the way, today’s video builds up to my last video in which I busted the myth about the low pay rates for the writers. I’m hoping that you followed all the steps that I meticulously shared with you in the last video. In case you missed it, click here to watch it now. In that video, I also shared with you the 3 cool points on how you can get started making money for trade magazines.

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