Hey wonderful woman, Welcome to my world of words (WoW)! If you’re gliding into my WoW for the 1st time, I’m Sandhya Valecha— and I’m a Copywriter, Web Host + Host of SV TV, Writers Coach and Word Maverick. I’m a soul searcher. In search of myself, I fell in love with the world of words. Through my absolutely addictive episodes of SV TV, free writing tips + resourceful ebooks & bonuses + on-demand coaching, I’m here to show you how you can make a great living as a writer. And I’m here to teach you how you can write staggeringly scrumptious copy that gets your clients hooked to you. I believe writing is THE biggest money-making + world-changing tool on the planet. Lady, congratulations on being a writer!  I’m here to add more value to your writing world and help you achieve your dreams of freedom and financial independence.


Born & raised in New Delhi, with a 2-year stint in London, I’m currently living in Mumbai. With nothing more than crazy zeal, a laptop and a dream, I’ve created my writing world from scratch. Through my articles, blog posts, ebooks and emails, I help writers like you write big and earn big. I believe in giving innovative and high quality training. And I back it up with actions to create measurable results. I care deeply about you. And I’m committed to get you results, while making learning and the entire journey to your goals irresistibly fun. Of course, I’m no sage from the stage. I never claim to know it all. And I proudly say that I make my fair share of mistakes too. So don’t expect perfectionism! In fact I constantly say that perfectionism is elusive (it’s a bi**h). There’s always room for improvement. But I’m committed to bring you the very best of what I’m living and learning and how I’m earning as a writer. In fact, I was able to fund my passion to help you (get this site developed, get the videos shot & edited – all this and more) using the income I generated from freelance writing.


Wanna know more? Wanna get some ‘insider scoops’ about me, eh? Well then here are some interesting tid-bits about me: When I’m not giving sizzling advice to my clients – you can find me reading inspirational books, hanging out with very few close friends (although I rarely hang out unless absolutely important or I’m getting really bored. Otherwise I’m mostly glued to my desktop, MacBook or ipad ideating tips and techniques to help you; nurturing and stirring the ideas that are simmering in my mind and so on.) I like the idea of a fit body. I obsessively watch what I eat. I do not allow myself to eat crap. If ever I crave to eat saturated fat (ok, I admit I’m showing off, but getting back to the point), I terrorize myself with the fatal repercussions. I like the thought of working out but I’m not regular with my sessions. But hey I want to work out more often. I’m obsessed with S. Of course, I like my name Sandhya. I really admire the king of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan. His movies, inspiring speeches, performances and everything. I like Sylvester Stallone. I like the Smith family (yea, Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Willow Smith), I like Sharma (Robin Sharma). I like Silver (yes, given the choice I will always choose silver over gold and diamonds). I go through virtuous surges of aiming to live without coffee & tea. This is the best period of my life with respect to coffee and tea. I have been successful in staying away from sipping tea or coffee. I take a long time plowing through books. It’s similar to my eating pattern. Just like food, I love indulging in the book I read. I like to relish every bite of food and every bit of the book thoroughly. My favorite authors: Dale Carnegie, Robin Sharma, Paulo Coehlo, Dan Brown, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, Seth Godin, Tony Robbins, Susan Jeffers and many more. So let me reiterate what I want to tell you so badly – it’s never too late to make your writing dreams real. Just like many other believers and do-ers, I’m living proof of a remarkable writer’s lifestyle. And I’m living proof that your profession can fund your passion. Ready to find out how your profession can fund your passion? Want to know the ‘Writing Secrets’ that helped me create this dream career as a freelance writer and have the freedom and money?


Bragging Bio Ladies, feel free to skip this one. 😉 Title(s): Copywriter | Web Host | Writers Coach | Founder-Director, Contentorial | Editor | Freelance Journalist Sandhya is a Coach for writers who’re struggling to make a living writing. She’s here to inspire you to create the writing career of your dreams with her highly actionable strategies. Her stimulating stories have been featured in Story Exchange, IndianWomenpreneurs, Harmony and more. She’s a full merit scholarship winner of £23,698 from the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE). Moreover, she is a Creative Director, Editorial Head and Content Creator for several companies. Prior to her LSE experience, Sandhya pursued Bachelors in Journalism (Honors) from one of the most reputed colleges in India, Lady Shri Ram College (LSR). Her articles have been published in leading national dailies of India such as The Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Hindu, and The Pioneer during her tenure with Lady Shri Ram College. During her stint in London, Sandhya worked with the High Commission of India, London and the Confederation of Indian Industry, UK. Her fans and clients have called her “empathetic” with a “loving nature”. They like her “approach and guidance” that really speaks to women writers. Sandhya “provides a safe space where women writers can share their heart out and be supported.” Are you still thinking? Stop thinking, start acting. You can write your ‘writing career’. Let’s Write, Women! Take charge of your writing success NOW