Online Freelance Writing: Should You Be a Niche Special Writer or a Generalist?

Writers often ask me: Should I become a Niche Specialist or a Generalist?” And I always tell them that Niche Specialists make more money. However, if you’re a newbie, I suggest you start by writing on various topics and discover your favorite niche. That’s the path I went for and saw tremendous success. I talk […]

This Travel Writer’s Video is Everything You’ve Been Waiting for & More

Sandhya Valecha & Sarah Grear SV TV-Travel-Writer

If the writer in you yearns to live the life of your dreams, travel when you like, wherever you like and create cool things using the magic of words… Then today’s video is an absolute must watch. It’s extremely fulfilling and rewarding to be able to live the dream life of an online writer. And […]

3 “Must-Do” Things Before You Travel & Write: SVTV

Dear Wonderful Writer! If you ever find yourself hassled while going on a “writing trip”, then today’s video is for you! In this episode, I help you with 3 ‘Must-Do’ Things Before You Plan To Travel & Write. (I also share bonus “Tips for Your Trips” later in this post) Although they are VERY Simple, Basic […]

How I Use Eben Pagan’s Formula to Hire Superstar Writers

Eben Pagan SV TV Sandhya Valecha

I’m quite surprised to know that the system I’ve been using since 2011 to hire remarkable writers has a name. And that Eben Pagan also recommends using this system to hire superstar staff. Yesterday’s video from Tony Robbins resonated with me so much, reminded me of the hiring process I’ve been following since 2011 that […]

One BIG Mistake Unsuccessful Freelance Writers Make + Steve Jobs’ Quote

One BIG Mistake Unsuccessful Writers Make

Hey Fabulous Folks! Happy New Year 🙂 I really hope that 2016 Becomes Your BEST Year Yet! My goal is to make 2016 Legendary personally and professionally. And just so you know, my other BIG goal for 2016 is to help aspiring freelance writers like you make money online. My team and I are really looking […]

To Be HAPPY in Life, Appreciate the Little Things + An Exercise!

To Be HAPPY, Appreciate the Little Things in Life

What’s up with the funny pic? Why are my hands all over my face? To find out, watch this video. In addition to talking about appreciating the little things in life, I have a simple, fun exercise for you in today’s video. It’s an exercise that will help you appreciate the little things in life. I learned this […]

Live a Fulfilled Life INSTANTLY Using These 7 Questions from Tony Robbins SV TV

How To Live a Fulfilled Life INSTANTLY Using These 7 Questions from Tony Robbins

“Stress and Pain are part of Life but Suffering is a Choice”. This is my favorite adaptation of Buddha and Tony Robbins’ quote. Really, the power to choose is the biggest tool in our hands. For example, in the morning, when the alarm goes off, you can either choose to continue to sleep; or you […]

Revealed: 3 Dangerous Words Stopping You From Growing! SV TV Episode

Sandhya Valecha - SV TV

One of my regular readers Arjita pointed out a big blunder in one of my posts! More on that in just a few minutes. Before that I have a question for you: Do you remember the promise I made to you? Yeah, the promise about sharing with you the insights I gained from the phenomenal speaker, Les […]