Online Freelance Writing: Should You Be a Niche Special Writer or a Generalist?

Writers often ask me: Should I become a Niche Specialist or a Generalist?” And I always tell them that Niche Specialists make more money. However, if you’re a newbie, I suggest you start by writing on various topics and discover your favorite niche. That’s the path I went for and saw tremendous success.

I talk more about it in today’s video. Don’t miss the HOOK (I talk about it before the first minute ends). Oh and I stopped the shoot mid-way, attended an emergency call and cried a lot before resuming the shoot. To know more continue reading…

Some of The Many Perks of Being a Niche Special Writer

The biggest advantage of specializing in a niche is that as a specialist writer you can charge more than a general writer.
Moreover, as a niche specialist, you will be able to write about the niche more efficiently and faster. That’s because you accumulate knowledge and research over tens of hundreds of writeups you do over a period of time in a specific niche.
So you earn more money for the time you spend writing.
Trust me, I speak from experience when I say that clients will pay you way more for your niche expertise than they would ever pay a general writer.

How You can Build Your Portfolio as a Niche Specialist (while writing on different topics)

  • Start writing on various topics. This will ensure you have consistent work. It will also help you earn fast.
  • Start a blog: Write on the topics that you’re naturally interested in. Be it travel, personal fitness, home remedies, cooking, self-help, psychology, etc. Your personal blog will help you showcase the range of topics you can write on.
  • Start noticing which topic/niche pays you more than the other topics you’re writing on.
  • Look for repeat assignments in that niche. This way, you’ll build your portfolio in that niche.
  • Build Contacts: Join groups (both online and offline) pertaining to the niche you’re specializing in. Currently, I’m a part of 12 online mastermind groups and 7 offline.
  • Get Certified, Build Credibility: When I started writing online, I took copywriting certifications & courses from all the leading copywriters and marketers including Dan Kennedy, Mark Ford, Ryan Deiss, Clayton Makepeace, Frank Kern and more. Find out the degree or certification or course that can help you get certified and gain more credibility among your clients. Last month, a handful of writers took my Weekend Web Writers’ Bootcamp & got certified as Web Writing Specialists. Three of them started working for my sister concerns while I referred 4 writers to my friends in America. They are all are making fat cheques as freelance web writers. If you’re interested in becoming a certified Web Writing Specialist, email my team at to get on the waiting list.
  • Listen to your hunch, your inner voice about its natural inclination towards a niche.

Wanna know the niche that influenced me a lot, made me hundreds of thousands of dollars and has been transforming my life every single day?

It’s the Self Help niche. This niche has helped me not just make money as a niche special writer, but also discover myself & help others discover their true voice, passion and life-purpose. It’s also helped me help others spot the internal dialogue that keeps us small.

Connecting the Dots

Having ghost-written eBooks, newsletters and blog posts for clients in the self help niche for over 3 years now, I’ve started to connect the dots as Steve Jobs said. Because following Jobs’ advice, I kept looking and didn’t settle, I found my purpose. And I’m sure my life-purpose will continue to evolve over the time, as Tony Robbins says. But…

…Your Time is Limited

By now, you must have known that I really admire Steve Jobs. So here’s my adaptation of Jobs’ quote: “your time is limited, so don’t waste it” delaying your writer’s dreams. Delay will eventually lead to death. In the video, at around 02:00, my voice begins to sound different. Note, my red nose. Nope, I didn’t develop cold all of a sudden. Actually, I was crying just a few seconds before that segment. During the shoot I received an emergency phone call. It was my childhood friend Anu’s mom.
She broke the worst news.
Anu is no more.
She was getting off the train at the station at Belapur. She slipped. Her foot got stuck in the huge gap between the platform and the train. The train started moving. She got dragged under the train. My friend was killed into pieces within seconds. Blood all around. Anu had so many dreams. But they all ended. She took all her dreams and desires to her grave with her.
We don’t know how much time we have left.
You can make your today count. Make it your day just like I did when I finished shooting this video despite the BIG loss of losing my friend. Because I had made a commitment to myself and to everyone I love and work with. A commitment to continue working towards my dreams. And so although I grieved for her, cried my lungs out, I consoled myself. I picked myself up. And continued doing what I promised Anu and all my loved ones. Moving one step nearer towards my dreams. And so I completed shooting the video – to help you with more tips about online freelance writing.

Take action now.Get nearer towards your dreams.

And if you think the Web Writing Specialist certification is what you need, go ahead and email my team at to get on the waiting list.
If you’d like to benefit from experience in the self help niche… If you want to stop living the life of confusion… If you need help in getting clarity about your life’s purpose… If you want someone to scientifically show you your “unique competitive advantage”… – then reply back with “Life Purpose” in your subject line. And I’ll be happy to help you. These sessions are definitely not cheap. But they aren’t costlier than your life’s purpose and dreams!
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