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Sandhya Valecha - SV TV

One of my regular readers Arjita pointed out a big blunder in one of my posts! More on that in just a few minutes. Before that I have a question for you:

Do you remember the promise I made to you? Yeah, the promise about sharing with you the insights I gained from the phenomenal speaker, Les Brown.

Les Brown has been making a huge impact on my thinking and on my life.

Sandhya Valecha - SV TV

3 Dangerous Words Stopping You From Growing!

It’s about the 3 dangerous words that stop you from growing. If we focus on these 3 dangerous words, they’ll keep us small.

The initial alphabets of these 3 words are BFT.

To know more about BFT, watch this episode of SV TV.

And now about Arjita and the big blunder. This lovely lady Arjita, who loves reading all my posts, emails and letters was worried about me breaking my promise. A few days back, in this post, I promised that my next post would be about BFT. But when I posted another post instead of the BFT post, she was shocked.  She quickly emailed me expressing her concern. She thought people would laugh at me and think I broke my promise. I told her it’s actually a test. I want to test how thoroughly you and other readers are reading my posts. And to find that out, I intentionally wrote the post about something else, not BFT.

Only 2 more readers noticed that. So by intentionally not posting the BFT article, I wanted to find out how many readers actually noticed it. And the fact that only 3 readers noticed helps me drive home the point about living fully and being fully present in the moment doing whatever we are doing. In these times of “dramatic distraction” (as Robin Sharma says) it’s easy for us to multi-task.

But that multi-tasking is actually driving us crazy and screwing our lives. In fact, in the coming days, I’ll be doing a whole new episode on this topic and the power of focus.

For now, on that “but” note, let me share with you the first alphabet B in the BFT. B stands for But.

As Les Brown says “but” is a dream-killer. To find out how “but” is ruining your life and keeping you small, watch this episode. In this episode, you’ll also discover B’s friends F and T who are also stopping you from growing.

Now, I’ve got a very small task for you:

What are your yet unfulfilled dreams, goals and desires? You know the “but” reasons are keeping them suppressed and stopping you from moving in the direction of your dreams. So as a first step to punch in the “but” reasons’ face, start out by sharing your dreams, goals and desires. Things that you want to accomplish by 31st December 2015. You know that I’ll be cheering for you.

Leave your response in the comments below. If you’re super-shy like I used to be, feel free to email me.

If you want to know more about the inspirational leaders who have helped me grow (and who continue to help me progress)…

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So if you’d like to be one of those 3 people, email me asap. If you watched the episode, you already have the email address 🙂

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Sandhya Valecha

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