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Sarah-Grear's-Secret-to-Writing-Faster Sandhya Valecha SV TV

I just got back from a drive to Bandstand. Hadn’t been there since August last year.
Unlike the previous visits, this time I enjoyed the beauty of the ocean like never before! The waves looked incredibly pretty on a pleasant February afternoon like today’s.

A heart to heart conversation with a fellow Copywriter Ratika made it a pretty awesome drive. She requested that we drive to her favorite coffee shop overlooking the crashing waves at Bandstand bang opposite Shah Rukh Khan’s residence.

During the conversation about her career, fears, big picture, assignments & more, she mentioned that she really enjoyed my conversation with seasoned travel writer, Sarah Grear. If you don’t know who Sarah Grear is, she is the Executive Creative Writer at Creative Custom Writing, Inc. In the last video, we talked about copywriting, travel writing, work from home business, and so much more.

And so having thoroughly enjoyed video 1, Ratika asked when I’d be sharing Sarah Grear’s Secret to writing faster video. (I’d emailed my readers that I’d send the link to my 2nd video with Sarah). So for all my readers including Nupur, Akriti, Ratika and you, the wait is over. If you would like to know Sarah Grear’s Secret to writing faster, then click the video below and watch her secret.

In this video, Sarah will share handy steps writers can take to whip out awesome content FASTER.

Now Sarah and I’d looove to know your thoughts.

Which of Sarah’s steps resonated with you the most? What’s the one step you can take right now to start writing faster?

If you found Sarah’s Secret helpful, please feel free to share it with your colleagues and friends — or anyone you think could benefit from it!


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