#1 Success Tip To Be An Expert Writer (For Authors/ Copywriters/ Online Writers)

Sandhya Valecha Writer

If you are an online writer, an author or a copywriter, today’s video is for you. Today, I’m gonna share with you that ONE thing that can set you apart from your competition and make competition irrelevant for you. . That 1 thing is the “P” word. This “P” word can help you stand apart […]

The Fastest Way to Improve Your Writing (Almost Instantly)

Sandhya Valecha

I was at lunch the other afternoon talking with my former copywriting intern about her writing career. She started ghostwriting for a couple of clients I referred out. But lately, she’s been having a hard time getting writing done. She told me about all the steps she was taking to improve her writing. After seeing […]

#1 Marketing Trick that Most Writers Ignore

What’s the #1 marketing trick that majority of the writers out there are overlooking? That too unknowingly! It’s that killer marketing trick that every writer (who wants to make an impact, get noticed and earn more) must have in her kitty. But it’s something that most writers don’t carry in their “writer’s arsenal”. Most writers […]