3 Success Tips for Budding Writers

3-Success-Tips-for-Budding-Writers Sandhya Valecha

If you’ve been wanting to know what strategies other successful online writers use, how they go about writing… If you ever wished that a successful writer could simply hand over her success tips to you… …This interview might be just what you need. Listen in as my talented friend Jessica Mehring shares success tips for […]

Sarah Grear’s Secret to Writing Faster: SV TV

Sarah-Grear's-Secret-to-Writing-Faster Sandhya Valecha SV TV

I just got back from a drive to Bandstand. Hadn’t been there since August last year. Unlike the previous visits, this time I enjoyed the beauty of the ocean like never before! The waves looked incredibly pretty on a pleasant February afternoon like today’s. A heart to heart conversation with a fellow Copywriter Ratika made […]

The Fastest Way to Improve Your Writing (Almost Instantly)

Sandhya Valecha

I was at lunch the other afternoon talking with my former copywriting intern about her writing career. She started ghostwriting for a couple of clients I referred out. But lately, she’s been having a hard time getting writing done. She told me about all the steps she was taking to improve her writing. After seeing […]

3 Success Tips for Smart People ONLY (NOT for Everyone)

Marc Brajak and Sandhya Valecha

If you choose to read on, it implies you want to start living to your fullest potential. If any part of you is looking for ways to succeed in life and explore ways to live to your fullest potential… . …Today’s interview with Marc Brajak is an absolute must-watch! Marc Brajak is a Personal Development […]

This Travel Writer’s Video is Everything You’ve Been Waiting for & More

Sandhya Valecha & Sarah Grear SV TV-Travel-Writer

If the writer in you yearns to live the life of your dreams, travel when you like, wherever you like and create cool things using the magic of words… Then today’s video is an absolute must watch. It’s extremely fulfilling and rewarding to be able to live the dream life of an online writer. And […]

One BIG Mistake Unsuccessful Freelance Writers Make + Steve Jobs’ Quote

One BIG Mistake Unsuccessful Writers Make

Hey Fabulous Folks! Happy New Year 🙂 I really hope that 2016 Becomes Your BEST Year Yet! My goal is to make 2016 Legendary personally and professionally. And just so you know, my other BIG goal for 2016 is to help aspiring freelance writers like you make money online. My team and I are really looking […]

Live a Fulfilled Life INSTANTLY Using These 7 Questions from Tony Robbins SV TV

How To Live a Fulfilled Life INSTANTLY Using These 7 Questions from Tony Robbins

“Stress and Pain are part of Life but Suffering is a Choice”. This is my favorite adaptation of Buddha and Tony Robbins’ quote. Really, the power to choose is the biggest tool in our hands. For example, in the morning, when the alarm goes off, you can either choose to continue to sleep; or you […]

Revealed: 3 Dangerous Words Stopping You From Growing! SV TV Episode

Sandhya Valecha - SV TV

One of my regular readers Arjita pointed out a big blunder in one of my posts! More on that in just a few minutes. Before that I have a question for you: Do you remember the promise I made to you? Yeah, the promise about sharing with you the insights I gained from the phenomenal speaker, Les […]

Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Online Writing – with Jessica Mehring

Read this, if you have been struggling to find your own voice in the articles you write. If you’ve been wanting to know what strategies other successful online writers use, how they go about writing, how they juggle between work and family, then you just got lucky. Because I caught up with Jessica Mehring, Director, […]