#1 Success Tip To Be An Expert Writer (For Authors/ Copywriters/ Online Writers)

Sandhya Valecha Writer

If you are an online writer, an author or a copywriter, today’s video is for you. Today, I’m gonna share with you that ONE thing that can set you apart from your competition and make competition irrelevant for you. . That 1 thing is the “P” word. This “P” word can help you stand apart […]

3 “Must-Do” Things Before You Travel & Write: SVTV

Dear Wonderful Writer! If you ever find yourself hassled while going on a “writing trip”, then today’s video is for you! In this episode, I help you with 3 ‘Must-Do’ Things Before You Plan To Travel & Write. (I also share bonus “Tips for Your Trips” later in this post) Although they are VERY Simple, Basic […]

How I Use Eben Pagan’s Formula to Hire Superstar Writers

Eben Pagan SV TV Sandhya Valecha

I’m quite surprised to know that the system I’ve been using since 2011 to hire remarkable writers has a name. And that Eben Pagan also recommends using this system to hire superstar staff. Yesterday’s video from Tony Robbins resonated with me so much, reminded me of the hiring process I’ve been following since 2011 that […]