This Travel Writer’s Video is Everything You’ve Been Waiting for & More

Sandhya Valecha & Sarah Grear SV TV-Travel-Writer

If the writer in you yearns to live the life of your dreams, travel when you like, wherever you like and create cool things using the magic of words…
Then today’s video is an absolute must watch.

It’s extremely fulfilling and rewarding to be able to live the dream life of an online writer. And to help you do that, I have with me a seasoned Copywriter, Sarah Grear,  the Executive Creative Writer at Creative Custom Writing, Inc. She has received immense success as a Copywriter and Travel Blogger. Here’s just a sampling of the golden nuggets you’re about to unearth in this video:

  • How cutting her wings and going for it helped Sarah get nearer to her dream-life
  • The best decision of Sarah’s life & how you can follow her footsteps to live your dream life
  • How amazing today’s technology is to support your dream (and our personal example)
  • The book that helped Sarah kick-start her online writing career
  • How Sarah and I met: the interesting back-story
  • The biggest mistake Sarah made & how you can avoid it in your writing career
  • Sarah’s Writing Schedule & Monthly Map that can help you feel like a rockstar

Plus, here’s a fun/embarrassing trivia: I had a hard time pronouncing “a very American term” (as Sarah puts it). It’s around the 9 minute mark in the video. Have a good laugh 😉

Don’t miss this important episode that can help you live the dream life of a Travel Writer – just like Sarah did after she quit her job to run her home-based online writing business.

And if you’re a writer who’s serious about your career – if you want to have more time for your family & make a good living writing, you’ll definitely make time to watch this video. Sarah will inspire you to jump start your career as an online writer & have the freedom to live life on your terms.

Now, Sarah and I’d looove to hear from you. Out of all the remarkable insights in this video, which of Sarah’s Strategies, Suggestions & Tips most resonated with you, and why?

Leave a comment below or email me.

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